Can't Get Enough of Hot Rides?

Can't Get Enough of Hot Rides?

Make sure you come to our car show this year

If you didn't go to the car show by Jefito Hats last year, you missed out. Don't make the same mistake this time and visit the fairgrounds at the Expo Idaho. Our show is sanctioned by Streetlow Magazine, so you know that we're going to have some of the hottest rides. Make sure you get in line early because we reached full capacity last year.

Call 208-941-0415 today for more information about our annual car show.

What is there to do at our car shows?

When you come to our show, you'll find that there's a ton of stuff to do for the whole family. We have:

  • Hot rods and muscle cars to check out
  • Food trucks serving up amazing food
  • Vendors selling the latest clothing

We're officially sponsored by Mirage Trailers. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our annual car show.