No One Has Hats Like Us

No One Has Hats Like Us

Pick up a new hat at our local shop today

Selling stylish hats has always been our M.O. at Jefito Hats. We love the look, and we have some of the best you can find. Our shop has tons of premade hats to choose from or we can make something custom.

Do you have a favorite NFL or MLB team? We can make a custom hat for your squad. Depending on the type of hat, we can also paint it for you, too. Come to our shop now to take a look at your options.

Check out some of the other types of hats we carry

If you love quill pin hats, you're in the right place. You can even pick the feathers to complete your look. You can also visit our shop for:

  • Zoot suit hats
  • Bucket hats
  • Pork pie hats
  • Top hats

We even have bandanas and signature fedora hats from Danny De La Paz. Call 208-941-0415 today to learn more about our rare and custom hats for sale.